Educational Grants for Single Mothers

The plight of the single mother is one that should never be taken for granted. Single moms provide food, clothing, shelter, and tons of other life necessities to their families. Sadly, as hard as they work to care for others, they sometimes forget … [Continue reading]

Tips For Single Moms Save Money On Health Insurance

One of the most expensive purchases a family can make is their health insurance, but it is an expense that is necessary for families and individuals. If you have ever fallen ill or needed to have surgery then you know how gut wrenching it can be to … [Continue reading]

4 Tips To Getting A Scholarship For Single Moms

The statistics are staggering, with millions of single moms throughout the U.S., many of them are young mothers that have dropped out of school or are giving up their dreams of having a college education in order to go to work and support their … [Continue reading]

3 Tips To Single Mom Time Management

Being a single mom and being able to handle your time wisely can be difficult. Single moms must have the ability to multi-task in order to keep their household running smoothly. The first thing you need to remember is that you are only one person and … [Continue reading]

4 Tips To Get Financial Aid for Single Moms

As many single moms will tell you, it is not easy being a single mom and having to care for children and be the sole provider for their every need. You may find yourself working more than one job and you may find yourself in the predicament where … [Continue reading]

4 HUD Tips For Single Moms

If you are tired of living in a cramped apartment with your family and are ready for home ownership but need assistance with finding affordable housing one organization that may be able to offer help is the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) … [Continue reading]

Start Here – What You Need To Know

single mother grants

An unfortunate fact of life as a single mom is that we tend to be on a very tight budget. Because of that, if even one small financial thing changes, everything else can go quickly, too. It's not hard to look around and see many two-income households … [Continue reading]