Financial Help for Single Mothers You Might Not Have Thought About

It used to be that single mothers without family support were largely on their own to cover a myriad of costs associated with raising children alone. But that has gradually changed over the years, more so with the advent of the Internet and social media – both of which have opened many doors of opportunity to single mothers looking for grants and other assistance to help ease the financial burden.

While it is well-known that there are scholarships available for moms who want to return to school to better their socio-economic position and other grants that assist with children’s schooling or in covering sky-high utility costs. But there are many other assistance programs that may not be as readily known that can assist with children’s clothing, medical and other healthcare costs, transportation requirements and even for childcare.

One of the best places to start the search for grants and other assistance is with local social services agencies and non-profits that maintain databases of locally-available options. But beyond that, there are national organizations that are ready to help too. Here are 5 great options for seeking financial help that you may not have thought of before:

  • – This website is a great resource for articles about pregnancy, children and parenting. It also includes valuable coupons that will help mitigate the high costs of groceries – one of the major contributors to household financial problems.
  • Goodwill Industries – This charitable organization with global reach accepts donations of automobiles that are then provided to needy families who are being held back by a lack of reliable transportation. Goodwill is also a reputable provider of job training and employment assistance as well as family support services. Go to to find out more.
  • Angel ClinicsIn most places, children are able to receive at least basic medical care through the government-supported Medicaid program. But that often leaves the single parent out of the loop unless they have insurance through an employer. For single moms, these free, or almost free, clinics can provide much-need help with health conditions that range from the common to the specialized. Many also offer women-specific treatments so that a yeast infection or other ailment does not go untreated.
  • – Rising gas prices have hit everyone hard and single mothers especially so. The Free Gas USA Inc. non-profit organization aims to bring relief to 90,000 qualified families through a fund drive with a goal of reaching $4.5 million raised.
  • The Coalition for the Homeless – Many single mothers spend their days toggling bills to keep the refrigerator stocked, gas tank full, the electricity on and the rent or mortgage paid. When the rent is late and eviction seems eminent, the coalition can help with financial assistance. Go to for more information.


  1. Lena Gerasimos says:

    I was married for the past 8 yesrs. Worked for my husband for Our Retirement. For no pay. He insisted. Then he divorced me. Threw my daughter and I literally out of our home. He kept everything. We started over from scatch. He is well known and wealthy. No one would help us. I had signed a prenupt. There was only devotion and hard work given from me. He took that. Surprised me with the divorce and moved his ex wife into my home the day the papers were signed by the judge. He gave me 14000.00 of my own money back to sign. He kept 19000.00 of my money. All my belongings except for what they decided to destroy n put into storage for me to pick through. Its impossible at times to face the days. But I get up every morning and try. All I want. Is a pretty home to come home to after work One my daughter is not ashamedto bring her friends to visit. We currently live in a junk yard. Surrounded by ugly hunks of metal. Its what I can barely afford.

  2. Kelly Brebberman says:

    I am a college educated single mom with a rare, rheumatic, autoimmune disease which causes daily chronic pain. It is called diffuse systemic scleroderma and affects not only the skin, muscles, and joints but also destroys vital internal organs and the vascular system as well.

    I am not eligible for Disability because I do not have enough work credits after being a stay at home mom for 10 years. My husband left right after my diagnosis and quit his job so he would not have to pay child support for our 2 boys. I opened an in home preschool but only got 4 kids, one of them being my own. I had to go into the workforce and found a minimum wage job as a bank teller. After a year, I found another job as a personal banker for a few bucks more an hour. In the meantime my disease was progressing to the point that I knew I was going to have to take a medical leave of absence or quit altogether. I ended up having to quit.

    Since scleroderma is on the “fast track” list of diseases I received approval for my SSI within “only” 7 months (most cases take years!) I did not have time to mess around so I had also hired an attorney, who takes their payment only after the case is won. While they were doing their job, I was doing mine, applying for food benefits and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

    My 60 months of TANF should be just about up here pretty soon. I am sure my disease will qualify me for an exception extension of those benefits. Will I be notified of when they are about to expire? Do I have to fill out an application for extended benefits?

    This is a hard life and that is putting it mildly. My teenager is struggling with living with an ill mom and a life of such poverty compared to all his friends. We are blessed to have a roof over our heads thanks to my father who used the bulk of his retirement to paid off the mortgage when we were about to lose our modest 1200 sq ft home. If we had a mortgage or rent to pay, it would take all of my SSI and then some!

    The stress of living without money and not being able to provide for my children only exacerbates my disease symptoms. Depression is par for the course. Sometimes I think the only thing keeping me alive is my boys and I can’t even give them their needs sometimes, let alone any of their wants. And my teenager blames me for all these things that are beyond my control. I did not ask for this disease. I did not ask for an ex who refuses to pay child support – with which we’d be living like royalty compared to what we have now. But he is a teenager and I don’t blame him one bit for being angry. I am too. Angry and defeated.

  3. I’m n deperate need n help to get me n my som a place to live we have til end of jan Nd me n my son r gonnA b out of a home …. plz help me

  4. I need help I’m inablw to woek m I’m fightimg to get my disabilty ni ahwba loynogbwkp psonlwm.

  5. Kimberly MOORE says:

    Are there any grants that help with house repairs for single mothers that own a home?

  6. Tiana Reyes says:

    Hi my name is Tiana Reyes. I have a one year old daughter and I’m in need of help with getting a place. It’s been a bit stressful of seeking help. But I try to look at the bright side of things. Please help me! Thank you