Awesome Time Management iPhone Apps for Single Moms

As a single mother chances are you’re strapped for time. You may find yourself working two jobs and taking your children to soccer practice or ballet classes – all while juggling your own educational needs. The cold hard truth is that your time is extremely valuable and you can’t afford to waste any of it. Thankfully, there are iPhone apps that can help you better manage your time.

Checklist Wrangler – $0.99

We all understand how useful checklists can be. Unfortunately, we often have so many checklists it’s hard to keep up with them all. You may have a checklist for work, housekeeping, groceries and other daily activities – even for checking news on eagle ford shale oil, if you’re into the environment. This app makes it easier to keep up with them all. You can create weekly, monthly and even yearly lists. The app will also allow you to keep up with items that need to be done more than once. You can also email the lists to other people.

Things – $9.99

This is another checklist type app, but it has several features that make it a useful resource for busy moms. The best feature of Things is the ability to select an item and remove it from today’s list. The item can easily be moved to the next day, which makes this a great app for moms that may have to change their schedule at a moment’s notice.

OmniFocus – $19.99

Imagine being able to call up an agenda based on a variety of factors including person, day or place. Add in a GPS and the ability to record voice and take photos and this app is well worth the price. The reason this app works for mothers is the ability to quickly check what needs to be done by child. You can quickly look at the to-do list for your son just as easily as checking your grocery list.

Reminder – Free

It can be so hard to keep up with bills, especially when you have a thousand other things to remember. That’s why Reminder comes in handy. Reminder allows the user to set alarms to remind them of upcoming important dates. You can set a reminder days in advance and you can quickly check to see how many days are left before the bill is due. This is a great app not only for remembering bills, but birthdays and other important dates as well.

Being a single mom isn’t as hard as it used to be. Moms now have the ability to make the most of their time thanks to useful apps. Whether it’s alerting yourself of upcoming bills, organizing all your checklists, or simply making it to class on time, you can make the most of your time so that you have more time to spend with your children.


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    Would like to find out more about getting a cheaper phone as of being a single mom with two little once is very very hard.