Financial Help for Single Mothers You Might Not Have Thought About

It used to be that single mothers without family support were largely on their own to cover a myriad of costs associated with raising children alone. But that has gradually changed over the years, more so with the advent of the Internet and social media – both of which have opened many doors of opportunity to single mothers looking for grants and other assistance to help ease the financial burden.

While it is well-known that there are scholarships available for moms who want to return to school to better their socio-economic position and other grants that assist with children’s schooling or in covering sky-high utility costs. But there are many other assistance programs that may not be as readily known that can assist with children’s clothing, medical and other healthcare costs, transportation requirements and even for childcare.

One of the best places to start the search for grants and other assistance is with local social services agencies and non-profits that maintain databases of locally-available options. But beyond that, there are national organizations that are ready to help too. Here are 5 great options for seeking financial help that you may not have thought of before:

  • – This website is a great resource for articles about pregnancy, children and parenting. It also includes valuable coupons that will help mitigate the high costs of groceries – one of the major contributors to household financial problems.
  • Goodwill Industries – This charitable organization with global reach accepts donations of automobiles that are then provided to needy families who are being held back by a lack of reliable transportation. Goodwill is also a reputable provider of job training and employment assistance as well as family support services. Go to to find out more.
  • Angel ClinicsIn most places, children are able to receive at least basic medical care through the government-supported Medicaid program. But that often leaves the single parent out of the loop unless they have insurance through an employer. For single moms, these free, or almost free, clinics can provide much-need help with health conditions that range from the common to the specialized. Many also offer women-specific treatments so that a yeast infection or other ailment does not go untreated.
  • – Rising gas prices have hit everyone hard and single mothers especially so. The Free Gas USA Inc. non-profit organization aims to bring relief to 90,000 qualified families through a fund drive with a goal of reaching $4.5 million raised.
  • The Coalition for the Homeless – Many single mothers spend their days toggling bills to keep the refrigerator stocked, gas tank full, the electricity on and the rent or mortgage paid. When the rent is late and eviction seems eminent, the coalition can help with financial assistance. Go to for more information.

Provide for Your Family with a Career in the Armed Services

For many single mothers, leaving their babies with someone else while they go off to work is a difficult thing to do. For these mothers, leaving their children behind to go off and serve in the military is unthinkable. But in the long run, it can actually be a responsible choice for you and your family. If you ever dreamed of having a career in the military, there is no need to let being a single mother hold you back.

Being in the military is a stable career and a noble one. Military families have access to the best public health care, so you will never have to worry about medical bills for your little ones, or about providing for them when you get sick. It is also a solid plan for the future. In this economy, many jobs are disappearing every day. If you enter into a job in the automotive industry or in publishing or in countless other areas that are in flux right now, you will have no idea whether your job will even be around in ten years. But the military will always be around. Even as we pull out of our wars in the Middle East, there is no way that we are ever going to shut down our best line of defense against attack. No matter how much we cut government spending, defense spending will always be strong. We respect our fighting men and women in uniform.

You can also use a career in the military to gain skills that will help you later in the job market if you decide to move on to a civilian lifestyle. There are so many different military jobs; you can use a career in the military to help train you for skills from computer science to becoming a medical doctor. And being in the military can also help you to get training outside the military. That’s right, thanks to the New GI Bill, the Montgomery Bill and FAFSA, the military can also help you pay for college. Navy Tuition Assistance will help you open up educational opportunities you never would have thought possible. With the U.S. Military paying for your education, you will be set for a high-paying and fulfilling career after you graduate, whether you stay with the military or move on to something else.

Be an inspiration to your children while providing for them by taking on a career in the military.

Awesome Time Management iPhone Apps for Single Moms

As a single mother chances are you’re strapped for time. You may find yourself working two jobs and taking your children to soccer practice or ballet classes – all while juggling your own educational needs. The cold hard truth is that your time is extremely valuable and you can’t afford to waste any of it. Thankfully, there are iPhone apps that can help you better manage your time.

Checklist Wrangler – $0.99
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Affordable Childcare Options for Single Moms

As a single mom, you know how important it is to stretch your money as far as it will go. If you plan on returning to school, then the financial burden of taking care of your family – including finding someone else to take care of your children when you can’t be with them – can seem overwhelming. Relax. Plenty of single moms go to college every day, and you can do it, too. There are ways for you to find childcare you trust without going broke. Here are some affordable childcare options for single moms:
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5 Simple Money Saving Tips for Single Moms

It can be hard to make ends meet as a single mom, even when working multiple jobs – and especially if you’re going to school while taking care of your family. Add in the recent costs of inflation and you may find yourself struggling to make the numbers work. Thankfully, there are ways to save money. Whether it’s cutting food costs or taking advantage of free services, you can make it through these tough times without having to consider bad credit installment loans from or any other site. Here are just five simple money making tips for single moms.

Start a Cooking Club

A wonderful way for moms to save money on their grocery bill is to join a cooking club. A cooking club that meets once a week to exchange prepared meals is not only a great way to save money, but time. The idea is that each mother makes one large dish each week and portions it out into seven freezer containers. The mothers get together the next day and exchange the meals. This means everyone only has to cook dinner once a week, which can save a lot of money.

Join Freecycle

There may be things you need, but can’t afford. Thankfully, there is a site called Freecycle. Freecycle is a recycling program available in most cities across America. The premise behind Freecycle is that people list the items they want to get rid of and people who need these items can get them for free. This is a great way to find kids’ toys and clothing.

Try ThredUP

Imagine being able to sell boxes of your child’s used clothes, books and toys for around $10 and then purchasing another box of used items that will be new for your child for only $9. That’s exactly how works. In other words, you’re basically trading your items for the stuff your children need while recycling their old stuff.

Download CardStar for the iPhone

Do you often forget your loyalty cards at home or can’t find the one you need when you get to the register? Then you need this free app. CardStar allows you to scan in all your loyalty cards so that they’re in one place. When you get to the register, you can access the card with a single touch.

Keep a Shopping Journal

One tip many single moms use to save money on groceries is to stock up. Of course, you want to get the best price possible. This is where a shopping journal comes in handy. With a shopping journal you can not only list the price of items for various stores, but keep up with the dates that items go on sale throughout the year so that you’re always prepared.

As you can see, there are several ways to save money that require very little work. Whether you’re joining an online community to trade items or downloading an app for your iPhone, it’s easier than you might have thought to save money as a single mom. You can continue going to school and taking care of your family with a little bit less to worry about.

Must Know Grants

The government always wants to effectively grant the government rights for single parent mothers. You can use single mother grants in various instances like if your husband leaves you suddenly with no financial aids to your rights or you have to separate out because of domestic violence then these government single mother grants are of great help and gives support for your child and self, not only to improve the present but to do well in future circumstances. If any single mother wants to continue her education for better future then there are single mother grants for that too.

You had to make the drop out or postpone decision in your education or college just because your child needed its mother. Single mother government grants are many, if you are aware about it. You can even counsel good experts online and meet them for assistance if you require the grants services. These grants can provide enough financial aid to give a bright future for yourself by completing the desired degree and education, similarly for your child too. Grants are made to give better future for single mothers.

How to use the government grants being single mothers?

It is very difficult to manage the school and college fees today without any financial security as the education is expensive now. There are student debts but the rate of interest being high will mostly leave you in debts and it may take many years for you to pay back the amount. Scholarships are available only for merit students and based on the conditions, exceptions are considered. In order to reap the benefit of financial aid you have to earn the scholarship but the government grants are very useful because you do not have to pay the amount back. In order to be successful a single parent, the grant is given to mothers and this is such that you can make wise use of money for a better tomorrow.

Are there any criteria for single mother government grant?

You do not have to earn the single mother government grant because it is based as per the needs. Basically most of the single parent’s mother can qualify for the grant if you are finding problem in paying your bills and managing the family expenses or supporting your child. Government grants can easily help your in supporting your child and family with basic necessities like food and shelter. As the criteria for single mother, government grants are based on requirements so the person has to decide the assistance required. If you are in debt then these grants are really useful. You can clear all the tuition debts and other expenses with single mother legal grants.

If you are applying for the government grant then fill in the FAFSA form that will be reviewed. You have to wait for the grants to be granted because no process is immediately done or else you may have to fill another FAFSA form.

Finding Educational Grants for Mothers Entering the Healthcare Field

It’s hard being a mother and pursuing an education at the same time – especially when you consider how hard it is just to be a mother! Not to mention the cost of returning to school. A lot of women feel trapped in the predicament of wanting to further their educations and careers but also needing to provide for their families at the same time. Unless you’re sitting on a pile of money (and if you are, please let me borrow some for school), you’re going to have to figure out how to take the time away from work in order to reach your educational goal, as well as how to pay for it. Your best bet is to find grants – money you don’t have to pay back – to return to school. Here are some tips for finding educational grants for mothers hoping to find jobs in healthcare.

Internet Sources

An online search return a number of free search sites, like this one, that you can use to find grants you may qualify for. Simply input your specifics and read the necessary qualifications.

Pell Grants

These federally-funded grants are need-based. Anyone may apply, and you may receive up to around $5000 per semester if you qualify. Search the web for the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) and apply either online, or have a form sent to you. It is important to note that you must fill out an FAFSA and qualify for Pell grants in order to apply for the other grants available through the federal government.

Other Federal Grants

The academic competitive grant (ACG) is a performance-based grant that you may only be eligible for during your first and second year of college. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is a need-based grant that is meant to supplement what is provided for by the Pell grant, if you qualify. For both the ACG and the FSEOG, you must fill out an FAFSA.

State Grants

Go to your library or search the Internet for state-funded grants. For a listing of state agencies that provide grant information, check out the U.S. Department of Education website.

College Grants

Make an appointment with your school’s financial advisor and ask about school-specific grants for moms. Many colleges fund grants for single mothers, as they constitute such a large segment of the student population.

Healthcare Organizations

Organizations like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American Nurses Association offer grants specific to the fields of healthcare you want to pursue.

Congratulations on your decision to go back to school in order to make a better life for you and your family. Keep in mind that finding the money to go to school can be like a full-time job, but that there are a variety of resources to tap into to make your dreams come true. Most of all, know that, in the end, all of your hard work will pay off.