4 Tips To Getting A Scholarship For Single Moms

The statistics are staggering, with millions of single moms throughout the U.S., many of them are young mothers that have dropped out of school or are giving up their dreams of having a college education in order to go to work and support their families. All is not loss, there are benefits available for moms that makes it possible for to get their education. Below are tips on how you can get a scholarship for returning to school.

1. Know Where to Look

If you dropped out of high school, try speaking with a counselor or with a counselor at the financial aid office at your nearest community college. If you plan on applying for federal scholarships single moms, you should contact the department of higher education in your state to find out if they have any specific guidelines and where to find an application. There are different types of scholarships to apply for, some scholarships will pay for all of the expenses you may incur for obtaining your education. This includes books, tuition and even room and board near closer to the college to plan on attending. If you plan on applying for a grant then some may have special conditions that you must follow once you have received your financial aid for school. Some of these conditions may include the number of classes you take or the college you attend.

2. Government Grants

There are various government run grant agencies that offer over 800 programs and education grants is just one of many that are directed at single moms. Contact your local welfare office for the contact information for your area. In order to apply you will need to contact FAFSA (free application for Federal Student Aid) online or via the phone to submit an application at which time your financial situation will be assessed and your eligibility determined.

3. Privately Owned Organizations

The benefit to applying with these types of organization is that many offer you a larger variety of options for you to apply for a scholarship. These organizations can be found easily through online research or throughout your local community organizations that assist single moms.

4. Speak with your current employer

Larger companies often offer their single mother employee scholarships. Contact your HR department and find out if they offer any such benefits for single moms and find out if you are eligible and what is needed to be apply.