4 Tips To Get Financial Aid for Single Moms

As many single moms will tell you, it is not easy being a single mom and having to care for children and be the sole provider for their every need. You may find yourself working more than one job and you may find yourself in the predicament where your finances grow as your children grow only to leave you financially drained and with limited resources left there are various types of assistance that single moms are able to apply for which include:

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Scholarships

If you are beginning to find that supporting your family is getting increasingly difficult applying for one of the assistance methods mentioned above may be your best option. Below are some simple to tips that will help you when applying for aid:

1) Your local government offices offer you the ability to speak with someone face to face but the problem with the government offices is it is typically a first time, first serve basis and depending on the need in your area you may have a hard time getting in. So another option is to seek out smaller private organizations aimed at helping single moms. Your local church or even a local group of other single moms in your areas may be able to provide you with a list of referrals in your area.

2) Once you have found a group or an organization in your area it would be a good idea to meet with the program director face to face and discuss with them their program and the type of help they are able to offer you. Tell them about your situation and find out if you are able to qualify for one of their financial assistance programs.

3) Depending on organization you have applied to you may be asked to submit information about your financial situation. So it is best to be honest with the questions that they ask you so they can give your application the proper assessment.

4) Be patient. Once you have submitted your application you will need to give them some time for them to process your application. You may get a follow-up phone call from the organization or program manager asking for additional information or asking for you to provide additional documentation (birth certificates, bank information, copy of your bills, etc). Even though it may take time to hear back still contact them to find out your application status.