4 HUD Tips For Single Moms

If you are tired of living in a cramped apartment with your family and are ready for home ownership but need assistance with finding affordable housing one organization that may be able to offer help is the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) program.

1. First Time Home Buyer

The First time home buyers’ assistance program is designed specifically for those that have never owned a home and are currently living in an apartment and are ready for home ownership. They can often assist with a home of your choosing that meets their requirements or you can choose from a HUD home. These homes are already approved for their program and you can search through their online database of available homes in your area. The first time home buyer programs offers single moms and other looking to purchase a home a variety of valuable resources in order for you to apply for the program which may include taking a first time homebuyer class that will cover a number of topics from home maintenance, judging how much home you can afford to saving up in the case of an emergency.

2. Home Repair Help

If you have the home either through a divorce settlement or after you have already purchased a home on your own, you know how important it is to maintain your home and make any necessary repairs to your home. While you may be able to cover small repairs if you have a large repair (i.e. Roof damage) then HUD offers a home repair program to help single moms repair their home. They provide assistance through providing a low interest rate loan.

3. How to Find Home Assistance Programs

If you do not have a PC in the home then you can use the program at your local library. If you are unable to find someone to watch your kids while you are at the library some libraries offer programs designed for kids to help keep them busy while you are looking online for assistance programs. The internet is a good resource to help you find agencies in your area with information on applying. You can also contact HUD directly via phone (202) 708-1112.

4. Other Resources Offered Though HUD

If you have yet to finish high school or attend college then HUD has programs that will offer educational assistance and career training to help you get started on the right track.


  1. shannon foster says:

    I am looking for housing for me and my two kids. I am just coming out of a domestic violence transitional housing program Thank you

  2. alicia orsette says:

    I have worked really hard to maintain a good credit score. I had take my 1 year old daughter and had to leave an abusive and dangerous relationship. I have been trying desperatly to get some help to buy a home. I have an oportunity to buy a good home that some friends of my parents helped me move into so I could leave the relationship and have a decent place to raise my daughter while I work and finish my senior year at wayne state university, where i am a pre-med student. I have a good credit score high enough to get a mortgage but becuase I am not pre-approved no one will give me the time of day. I have a job and a promising future in the medical field. Can someone help me to facilitate a mortgage for me. I qualify for the down payment assisitance. I need some help with getting the loan started. Please respnd. Alicia orsette