3 Tips To Single Mom Time Management

Being a single mom and being able to handle your time wisely can be difficult. Single moms must have the ability to multi-task in order to keep their household running smoothly. The first thing you need to remember is that you are only one person and there are only 24 hours a day for work to be done. Below are three tips designed to help you learn how to manage your time on a daily basis and to better balance work, school and your mommy duties

Time Management Tip #1

Your work schedule should be designed to help you maximize your time. This is especially important during the months where you have to plan for birthdays, holidays and school events for your child. Sticking with your schedule is just as important for you as it is for your children. The only time you should stray from your schedule is in the case of emergencies and/or sick days.

Time Management Tip #2

One of the difficulties starts within the home. If you get home from a busy day at work doing the laundry, taking out the trash and other housework may be the farthest thing from your mind. This is where your children come in, delegate some of the household chores to your children. Granted if you have smaller children this may not necessarily work as well as one may hope.. This will help you with keeping the house running smoothly and help you kids have a better understanding of responsibilities.

Time Management Tip #3

If you have smaller children then you may wish to look into getting a babysitter on the days you know you will be working late or a daycare that offers after hours services (this can be costly). If you would rather keep an eye on the kids then you may wish to opt for working from home or finding a job that offers a daycare facility. This will keep your kids nearby and still allow you to manage your time at work.

Lastly, know what your priorities are. When setting up your schedule place the more important items at the top of your list. This is so if something unexpected comes up or you find yourself bogged down with too much work then take a look at your list and start from the least important item on your list and move it to a later date.